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Our Facilities

At the core of Genesis Medical Health is an ever expanding network of leading-edge medical facilities we service.

Across the region, our growing number of providers are serving ​our network facilities, helping realize our vision of unprecedented quality of care: 

  • Lower re-hospitalization rates

  • Implementing aggressive care and treatment regimens 

  • Employing successful polypharmaceutical treatments

  • Overseeing gradual dose reduction

  • Having full time providers at a given facility, resulting in better continuity and immediate care

  • Focusing on quality outcomes 

  • Team players: Working together with nurses and other key staff to provide better care

  • Team lead NP's and supervising Doctors monitor results, charts, & progress

  • Non fragmented care- we are only in the nursing homes and not sharing our providers for Hospitals etc.

  • Overseeing transitional care and chronic care programs, resulting in higher overall outcomes


At Genesis Medical, we take care to ensure an easy & pain-free on-boarding process for each new facility:


  • Meeting key players and discuss initiatives, resident details, issues, needs, etc.

  • Proposing staffing plans

  • Arranging agreement, BAA, and go-live date

  • Credentialing new providers and obtaining access to EMR

  • Meeting and following up to discuss metrics, outcomes, & goals



"Genesis Medical is an absolute pleasure to work with. They are a true partner with the facility for all initiatives, they truly have the best interest of the residents and the needs of the facility. Genesis has always been accommodating and willing to go the extra mile for me and my staff. We are a five star facility and have a very low re-hospitalization rate , this is in no small part due to the collaboration of care between our staff and Genesis."

-Yehuda Serle, Administrator- Pine Valley Rehabilitation

“Genesis Medical Health has become an integral player in our commitment to Quality Care for our Residents. 

The care received from Genesis providers has improved satisfaction and outcomes. They understand that great service starts at the bedside. We’ve seen a significant reduction in unnecessary hospitalizations since they came on board. I highly recommend Genesis Medical Services to other long term care providers."


- James C., Administrator- Upstate New York

"Working with Bernice Rostocki through Genesis Medical has been a pleasure and Evergreen is truly grateful for her work. She has become incorporated into our team and is dedicated to the residents she provides for. She goes above and beyond her title and is always willing to help. She has been a gift for all the providers, nurse staff, residents, and family members in the building. Bernice has come to our rescue many times, sometimes being the only provider in the building going wherever she is needed. She works diligently on our skilled rehab unit as well as the long term care units. She is professional, knowledgeable, and reliable. Once again I would like to commend Genesis Medical and Bernice Rostocki for the important role they play on our team."

- Chelsea J., Unit Manager- Evergreen Commons


Current Genesis Medical Facilities:

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